Thursday, December 29, 2011

Age does not bestow knowledge

Seriously, what is it with people that think that 20 years of knitting bestows extreme knowledge. I actually heard a lady say "I've been knitting for 40 years so I consider myself an expert knitter." Are you fucking kidding me?! She could have been knitting dishcloths for the past 40 years. She could have knit 10,000 little dishcloths. 10,000 little squares of wonder. One for each one of her great grandchildren. Maybe she even extended her knitting and sewed a bunch together and made a fucking blanket. Jesus Christ, this is the same woman that said "Acrylic is great because it holds it's shape." Sure, it holds it's shape, and that's wonderful-especially if your favorite shape is the same as a big ole pile o' shit. She probably likes acrylic because it's SO soft.
Gag me with a goddamn 16 inch circular needle, because I don't know how many more jackass knitter's I can take.
And people eat this shit up. They like a big slice of bullshit pie. Just because somebody was knitting booties before Jesus came to Nazareth doesn't make them an expert knitter. Pushing yourself and extending your knowledge, mastering new techniques, actually learning new shit all the time-that makes you an expert ass knitter.
Shit like this makes me an angry ass knitter.